Balance & Detoxification

Balance & Detoxification


At Sabre Sciences we talk a lot about balancing hormone levels and metabolism, but if you stop and think about it; what is balance?
In science, we understand that for every action there is an equal reaction. The Chinese are very aware of balance and represent this in the symbol known as Yin and Yang. It contains the solar cycle, and its relationship to the four seasons. Our bodies also maintain this delicate balance, sometimes referred to as homeostasis.
Spring is a unique time of year. To maintain balance in our lives we traditionally think of spring as a time of year to clean house. It’s also an important time to clean our internal house and rid our bodies of the accumulation of toxins stored during winter months. Winter is the time when our bodies are most likely to store fat. Fat is also the safe deposit box used by the body to sequester absorbed toxins and prevent them from damaging vital tissues. In spring our bodies shift mode and much of the fat storage needed to survive winter becomes superfluous. It’s also a time when the body is most likely to lose this stored fat. That is if our fat storage is free of toxins. This represents a unique opportunity to detoxify and aim to lose unneeded fat.
How do you know if your body needs to be detoxed? Anyone with chronic health issues should consider a detox treatment. Fatigue, pain, sleep problems, weight issues are all associated with toxic exposure. Using supplementation to aid the body in the removal of toxins and maintaining a healthy diet is paramount.
Sabre has developed a detox plan that is designed to enable the body’s natural ability to detoxify which supports balance and may lead to weight loss. This is accomplished by supporting the body’s organs responsible for elimination and repair. At the heart of the program are two products formulated to simplify this process: Detoxinol transdermal crème & UltraD purifying capsules. We suggest a once yearly detoxification for most individuals.

So, you’ve decided to detox…now the question is what can I eat that doesn’t add to the toxic load I’m trying to cleanse myself of? Everyone knows that vegetables are good for you and bottom line to every healthy diet is: eat more vegetables. But we don’t always have the time to prep wash and eat as many vegetables as we should. I once heard it said that people don’t eat vegetables because they take too long to chew. Well, if you don’t have time to enjoy a nice big salad, how about a Superfood Smoothie?


Here is one of my favorite smoothie combinations:

One large handful of fresh spinach (about 1cup)
Another large handful of fresh spinach blanched in
hot water for about 30 seconds.*

1-2inches peeled fresh ginger
Juice of a citrus fruit (lemon, lime, grapefruit etc…)
1Tbs organic dark amber maple syrup (or 1-2 dates as desired)
Small handful raw cashews soaked in water overnight (About 1/4cup)
2Tbs hemp hearts
1-2 Tbs. coconut cream or coconut butter (optional)
8-10oz coconut water or if tolerated Raw Kefir (my favorite!)
Blend in high powered blender 30-60 seconds until smooth & enjoy!
*Why part raw & part blanched spinach? Many vegans out there may already know why this is a good practice. We can discuss this in our next nutritional post. 
Jenine Stallard, CNC
Assistant to Dr Norvelle Harris, MD


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