In Health, One Size Doesn't Fit All

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You are a unique individual; no one can truly know you like you do. Why shouldn’t the things we rely on most to thrive, prevent and maintain the best of ourselves be as unique as you are.

I can’t tell you how frustrated I have felt walking down the aisles of the vitamin department at our local health food store looking for a supplement and being so disappointed that half the ingredients looked good but half looked really bad, not to mention the long list of fillers, flavors, dyes and preservatives – yuck! Who wants to counteract a health program with ingredients that will eventually act against you?

I say this not only as a consumer myself, but also as a mother, daughter, wife and sister. One of the most precious jobs we have is to care for the well-being of our children and family. When individuals approach me with questions about their health and want a suggestion about what to take it can be very difficult to recommend an on the shelf product because who knows if ALL the ingredients of the product are truly what is needed – they may need one of the ingredients but not the others. For example the brand of magnesium my mother absolutely loves is not tolerated at all by my sister she cannot get near it. Is it the “mysterious” other ingredients causing the negative reaction, or perhaps the combination of amino acids put into the product?

Hmm… I wish it could be like the neighborhood frozen yogurt place pick and choose and get exactly what you want.

OH WAIT! YOU CAN CUSTOMIZE YOUR SUPPLEMENT! Since 1999 Sabre Sciences has been offering custom formulated supplementation through transdermal crèmes, liposomal liquids and raw nutritional powders. We pride ourselves in not using fillers or synthetic preservatives. Any flavoring that is used is only upon request and all are natural alcohol free organic whole fruit extracts.

The clinical staff at Sabre Sciences, and our partners, combines over 50 years of experience in the health field. Sabre Sciences was founded on the awareness that a great need exists for supplements that are targeted and specific with pure and honest ingredients. While custom formulated products are our specialty, we also offer a beautiful line of ready-made over-the-counter items that have been carefully formulated with appropriate dosing and ingredient partnering.

Feel free to send us a message on the contact page to learn more about how to get started!

Wishing You Health & Happiness!

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