How do I apply the creme?

Collect the recommended amount of Sabre Sciences Creme from the jar, by using a clean,
1/4 measuring teaspoon. Apply the measured amount to the PROPER area
using your fingertips. Apply a thin layer over the area(s), continue to rub
the creme into the skin until it disappears.

Can the creme be applied to more than one area?

This will help to guide you to the most beneficial
areas that are convenient for your application. You may apply the creme to any of these areas. You
may also divide the dose to more than one area. By dividing the area, you may get better absorption
and faster penetration of the creme. However, you do not need to cover all the areas with each

Can I use more then the recommended amount of creme?

It is best to use the recommended amount. "MORE IS NOT BETTER".

What if I feel anxious or nervous after taking the creme?

Feeling energized, anxious or nervous may occur when you first start your creme. If it causes any of these
symptoms, simply reduce the amount to half of the recommendation on the label. If symptoms continue
for more than 48 hours, call your physician or Sabre Sciences, Inc.

Can I wipe off what's left of the creme?

The creme is pre-designed to absorb thoroughly into the skin leaving only a fine residue. If your creme has any
color, other than pure white, there is a possibility that it may stain clothing. To avoid this, thoroughly apply the
creme to an area and allow it to be absorbed. Wait for at least five (5) minutes. We suggest a 15 minute wait,
prior to showering or prior to wiping with a towel.

How critical are the times of application?

The time of application is determined from your saliva test. There is a one (1) hour window before/after the listed
time. If you have forgotten, use the creme at the next appropriate time. We do not recommend a doubling of the
creme on the next application in order to make up the difference. Note: Do not skip to many intervals, for we are
trying to mimic the pulsatile secretion of your endocrine system with these times.

How long will I be using the supplements?

Sabre's strategy involves three phases, each one designed to assist in normalizing a specific aspect of hormonal
balance. Every person is an individual and many factors will influence the period of time necessary for the program
to accomplish this goal. The average time for each phase is 90 to 120 days. Most people observe a change within
a couple of weeks, with steady progress throughout each phase. Retesting is imperative and recommended to be
done before starting each phase.

What if I experience a rash?

If you should experience a rash or skin irritation at the site of application, discontinue use on that area. Moving
to another area may in many cases resolve the problem. If it occurs at the new sight you may have an allergy to
one of the ingredients in the creme. If the rash is not at the site of application and causes an observable reaction,
discontinue and contact Sabre Sciences client services, or call the physician who initiated your program.

What if I have a problem with the smell?

Some of the amino acids or botanicals we use in the formulas have strong odors. Although we try
to overcome this problem by adding natural fruit flavorings, the cremes retain a trace of the original
scent. Many clients solve this by applying the creme to the bottom of their feet. Many sensitive
people find that if they apply the creme on the bottom of their feet and cover it with a sock, they canĀ use the creme.

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