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Personal health is something we as human beings work on and think about every day; whether it is as simple as going to the gym, choosing a salad over a hamburger or taking vitamins, medicine or supplements to improve the way our bodies function. When it comes to supplements, we are fortunate to live in a time where medicine is advanced enough that we can choose the way in which we give our bodies the supplementation it needs to function at its best level. Most of the time when someone thinks of medicine or supplements the first thing that comes to mind would be a pill, liquid or powder that is added to water, but have you ever considered using a crème? We are mostly used to using crèmes for cosmetic purposes, or to relieve ailments of the skin, but there is so much more to using crèmes for health than is widely known or recognized. There are two major benefits of using crème in the health industry, which are key components in the reasoning behind choosing the use of crèmes verses pills or liquids.The first is simplicity, and the second is the effectiveness of this method, while still being safe for your body.

If you are addressing multiple ailments at once, or supplementing several vitamins at the same time, the amount of pills you have to take can be extensive and expensive. People typically would choose to take a multivitamin containing preverything he or she needs, rather than taking all separate vitamin pills that each only have one particular effect. It is much simpler to do it that way; not only would taking several separate vitamins be difficult for your body to digest at once, but it would also be inconvenient to get everything out of the medicine cabinet and remember to take everything you need. The same reasoning is behind why someone would want to use a crème for treatment. With a crème there can be all the separate ingredients that your body requires, not only in one place, but also in the correct dose. At the end of the day, why take 5-20 pills when you can simply apply one crème and get the same benefits?.

The second advantage to using a crème is that it eliminates digestive issues and the need for the liver metabolism system.This is an advantage because the active ingredients are absorbed quicker and more effectively, and there are much fewer side effects than what may be experienced when taking pills. The ingredients in a crème have the ability to be absorbed through the skin, directly into the bloodstream so you don’t have to wait for your digestive system to break everything down, and the liver to metabolize the ingredients before feeling the effects. This is also the reason that the delivery is more effective than pills and capsules (as shown in the graph). Not only is it more effective to use crèmes, but it is also safer for your body. Taking medicine orally has been known to cause some problems in the digestive system such as irritation of the esophagus, acid reflex, stomachache, constipation, diarrhea, nausea and/or vomiting (Hopkins Medicine). All of these unpleasant side effects can be easily avoided by simply applying a crème to soft tissue areas of the body.

*Bonus benefit of using crème: it’s pet friendly, child friendly and usable for people who have a hard time swallowing pills!


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