• Micronized, finely ground powder for incredibly easy absorption. Coral Cal/Mag Plus contains over 72 naturally occurring trace minerals and is derived from above sea level coral. 

  • (additional information page) The Coral Cal/Mag Plus powder is derived from above sea level coral. The importance of above sea level harvest is that there is built-in addition of solar energy in the purified aragonite (the nutritional product derived from the coral). Aragonite is the preferred calcium source since the solubility allows the aragonite calcium to be absorbed by the body. 70g or 140g bottle


Calcium, Elemental Magnesium,
Other Ingredients: 72 naturally occuring trace minerals. 
The bioavailable Ca is Calcium
This product comes from above sea level coral. 
No live coral was harvested in the production of any 
Sabre Science supplements


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