Liquid Sil Plus contains the finest ingredients for complete immune support. Fulvic acid and nanoparticle silver are validated by clinical research to be effective against both bacterial and viral strains. An easy boost to the immune system with it's refreshing taste, while containing no synthetic preservatives, fillers, or chemical flavorings. 100% purity that's crafted with integrity.

Liquid Sil Plus

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    • complete immune support
    • anti-microbial
    • anti-viral
    • gut health
    • contains fulvic acid + trace minerals
    • contains beta glucan
    • contains magnesium l-threonate
  • aloe vera, carbohydrate derived fulvic acid concentrate (CHD-FA 400/500 blend), liquid nanoparticle energized silver, sodium gluconate, potassium citrate, inositol, magnesium glycinate, magnesium gluconate, magnesium l-threonate, coral calcium, organic lion's mane, buffered ascorbic acid (vitamin C), beta glucan, l-lysine, magnesium malate, organic fruit extract as flavoring