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Our beginning

Sabre Sciences was founded in 1999 by CEO Victor Salerno and Dr. Michael Borkin with the endeavor to pioneer progressive, natural and cutting edge solutions for overall wellness. Victor has a vast background in biochemistry, working in hospitals and owning clinical laboratories. His unique experiences led him to realize that by looking at the imbalances in an individual's body, a unique formula could be made that would help bring the body back into balance. With this idea, he partnered with Dr. Norvelle Harris and Dr. Borkin to build Sabre Sciences. With the initiative to create personalized, top quality products they made the decision to specialize in liposomal and transdermal cremes. This allows for high absorption, and the ability to put more ingredients into a single product. As time has gone on, Sabre Sciences added custom liquids and powders. Additionally, we have developed over the counter supplements that are beneficial for anyone to take, and work with the custom created products to bring well rounded and full body wellness through uniquely created protocols.

Since 1999

Sabre Sciences has build partnerships with practitioners, pharmacies, retailers and individuals world wide. We provide all the steps necessary for clients and practitioners in house by offering: over-the-counter products, research, customized protocols, customized supplementation and shipping or drop-shipping of orders. As our in-house production has grown, we have also been able to offer low-minimum and unique private labeling opportunities for businesses of any size. Over years of growing we have had the opportunity to create over half a million custom creme, liquid and powder formulas to meet individual needs. Additionally, as a business we have grown to be used for highly esteemed research studies, been mentioned in best selling books, worked with numerous professional athletes and Hollywood entertainers and proudly sponsored  countless specialized conferences and trade shows. As new research emerges, we continue to provide cutting edge approaches and grow with our partners in providing natural balancing solutions.

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