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formulas as unique as you 

How it works

Gather health information
Analysis and Product Formulation
Order Products & Begin Protocol
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Gathering information

The first step in designing custom protocols and supplements is learning about you. With the help of a practitioner, we gather information on your health history, issues you're experiencing, your diet, your current supplementation routine, your wellness goals, your body's current metabolic state and your hormone levels. In doing so we are able to create custom cremes, liquids and powders that are made specifically for you. We believe that "less is best" in supplementation, so we strive to make sure that you're getting the correct amount of the precise ingredients that your body needs to be brought into balance.
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Analysis and targeted formulation

Homemade Remedies
Our team of practitioners, biochemists and nutritionists analyze all of the detailed information provided and review the labs performed to evaluate metabolic pathways, allowing for targeted metabolic intervention and eliminating guesswork to create your custom protocol. We build your plan of action to be specific to you and your nutritional and genetic influences. combination of custom formulations and over the counter supplements. The protocol will typically be made up from a combination of different custom formulations and ready made supplements, with each recommendation being made serves a specific function in your journey to reach balance and overall wellness.
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Once you receive your results and protocol, you may schedule a 30-60 minute consultation with our team members. During this time we review metabolic pathways, determine your methylation status, identify imbalances, go over how things work together internally and what this all means for your  wellness. We'll also discuss nutritional aspects along with all recommendations that are being made on your protocol and the purpose each product serves. 
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Begin Protocol

After receiving your protocol via email you may place your order for the products you would like. It is best to place your first order by calling our facility and speaking with one of our client service managers, so they can go over any questions you may have. Your order will ship 1-2 days after the order is placed, as the custom products will need to be made up for you.
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We encourage having a brief follow-up conversations within 3-4 weeks of beginning your protocol. Your feedback is important for us to be able to evaluate positive changes and the efficiency of the protocol. As we track your progress to ensure you are moving in the right direction, we learn more about your process and have the ability to make any necessary positive modifications to ensure you reach wellness goals. 
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