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From my Thanksgiving Table to Yours

From Jennifer, Operations Manager, Sabre Sciences

Like most Americans, I come from a family of immigrants where holidays are grandly celebrated by bringing together many family and friends around the dining table to enjoy each other, a lot of food and fond memories. Our family is primarily Italian, Scottish, Polish, and Argentinian. As the daughter of an Italian, I grew up in the kitchen, so I love cooking and entertaining. All our family recipes are passed down, without measurements - just a little of this and dash of that and a lot of love. While Thanksgiving Dinner is a definite change from our typical Italian menu, it is one we look forward enjoying together every year. Thanksgiving warm smells always begin early with homemade bread and our crowd-pleasing stuffing.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, here is a little story of how my Grandma Mary got to America. In around 1928 my Grandmother’s parents came to this country for a better life and for the American Dream. While they were getting settled in New York, they left their children Mary and Issa with their parents until they were more established. My grandma Mary had fond memories of the time she spent being raised by her grandparents and practicing American words, like carriage instead of pram. She was six at the time and would explain to her little 4-year-old sister what life in America would be like. The day finally came when Mary and Issa would board a ship to cross the Atlantic – alone. Mary knew she had to be brave for her little sister, as Issa was scared to leave her grandma and begin this long journey just the two of them. But they went on their way, and little Mary watched over Issa as they made it to America for a life full of opportunities. I often think of their bravery and excitement to come to America and, especially during this time of year, am thankful for the many blessings that have followed.

Now for our family favorite Thanksgiving dish - The Stuffing

This stuffing recipe was passed down from my Scottish American side through my Grandma Mary (they don’t use measuring devices either). So here is my estimate for 4 people, but always use your best judgement!

Jimmy Dean Premium Regular Pork Sausage (or protein substitution of choice)

Pepperidge Farm Stuffing Cubed Herb Seasoned – Red Bag (or gluten free substitution)

Celery Chopped (3 to 4 stalks)

Sweet Onion Sliced (half of a large onion)

Butter ¼ lb (one stick) (or nondairy substitution - we recommend Earth Balance)

Chicken Broth (or use a water with a vegan boullion)

Poultry Seasoning

Brown the sausage, add celery and onion. Cook until tender. Add cubed stuffing, butter and poultry seasoning (to taste). Add Chicken broth as needed. Mix often cook until cubed stuffing is cooked to liking. I like mine moist throughout and browned/crisp on the outside.

Buon appetite, and Happy Thanksgiving!


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