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Stay Charged with Statlyte Plus

Is 2024 going to be a year of health and wellness? Since the start of this new year, there was a buzz on social media about how much emptier the gyms were in January compared to previous years. However, within our Sabre Sciences network the most common resolution was still to start a gym routine. So, let's check in and talk about how we can stay consistent.

We all want to remain physically fit and healthy for ourselves, our friends, and loved ones, but it’s important to take care of our self in the process. That’s why Sabre Sciences has come up with the most advanced electrolyte powder on the market – Statlyte Plus. Statlyte Plus is a comprehensive electrolyte formula designed to support muscle recovery, electrolyte balance, and nerve impulse.

Advanced Hydration:

The main electrolytes in the human body are sodium, potassium, calcium,

magnesium, and chloride. When we drink water, our bodies don’t actually have the ability to retain it, unless we have adequate levels of electrolytes, particularly sodium. Water must also be kept in balance both inside and outside your cell membrane. Many food salts tend to be high in sodium, but lack the

other essential minerals that are In Statlyte Plus. When doing any sort of physical fitness, we tend loose water through our sweat risking dehydration. This is why it’s so important to have an optimal amount of electrolytes when doing any type of physical exercise.

Muscle Recovery:

Statlyte Plus is a staple for muscle recovery. As a regular gym member, I know how uncomfortable it can be when you don't recover fully after a workout. Another concern is when I am pushing myself extra hard in the gym only to have my performance halted by muscle cramping. Such is the case when you have an imbalance of electrolytes. Calcium, in particular, has been shown to help stimulate muscle contraction and growth, and plays an important part in your recovery process. Statlyte Plus is unique in that it contains coral calcium as one of its ingredients, which is 3x more effective than traditional calcium sources.

Nerve Connection:

As the name suggests, these compounds generate an electric charge for tissue cells to connect with each other. The nerve impulse is a special type of electrical signal your brain sends

through your nerve cells to communicate with the other cells throughout your body. Electrolytes are what stimulate this impulse by their movement across the nerve cell membrane. An Imbalance of electrolytes, particularly potassium, can cause muscle spasms, sleep issues, and fatigue. This shows how important it

is to have electrolytes like Statlyte Plus for pre and post work out needs.

Most commercial powders and sports drinks that claim to have electrolytes added to it also have sugars or artificial sweeteners as well. Statlyte Plus is 100% sugar free with no fillers or artificial sweeteners, also making it a great alternative for a keto or paleo diet. It also has the added benefit of inositol which can help blood flow during work outs and regulate glycogen storage as well. Whether it’s hydration, muscle support, or nerve impulse, with Statlyte Plus you can start your 2024 fitness resolution with confidence and a charged biological battery.


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