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Why I Threw Out my Coffee for Hydrogen Water

Coffee is one of the most popular beverages in the world. Its origins go back thousands of years and is now consumed by around 30-40% of the world’s population daily. In America we pump those numbers up quite a bit, with 65% of the country consuming coffee on an everyday basis. That famous drive through coffee shop can be found on almost every corner it seems. We drink coffee to energize us for work, to socialize with family and friends, or as a warm morning ritual for us to start our day.

While we know good health coexists with balance, recent studies have shown that coffee maybe doing more harm than good.

The Caffeine in coffee binds to certain neurotransmitters in the brain that deal with sleep, arousal, cognition, memory, and learning. It tends to alter these neurotransmitters, which

create the energized sensation you feel after a typical cup of joe. However, coffee also increases the release of catecholamine (like adrenaline) which can have all sorts of side effects, including increasing the release of sugar into your bloodstream from your liver. Adrenaline is also is your fight or flight hormone, putting your body in a state of increased energy and increased stress. Too much of this over time can lead to burnout.

If coffee is consumed a few times a day, especially in the evening, it can begin to negatively impact your sleep cycle as well. Getting optimal sleep is extremely important for detoxing and

rejuvenating the body and mind. In particular, your brain goes through a self-cleaning process at night, called the glymphatic system. It starts when you enter a deep sleep at night, and channels of the glymphatic system fill with cerebrospinal fluid. This fluid then collects toxins, proteins, and other waste products as it flows along the network. Then your brain flushes this waste at different drainage sites into the lymphatic system, where it then moves throughout your body and exits just like any other type of waste.

When we lack sleep, this process is disrupted and we are unable to detox our brain properly through the glymphatic system. We then end up with all sorts of poor cognitive symptoms like brain fog, fatigue, and even migraines. Research has shown that a little known

element mixed in your water might be the solution – Molecular Hydrogen.

Hydrogen water has numerous benefits including reducing oxidative stress, while improving cognitive function and cellular hydration. As a strong antioxidant, Hydrogen scavenges for the most destructive free radicals. It is also the smallest antioxidant molecule. Free hydrogen water reduces the cluster size of the water allowing it to penetrate the tissue more easily and pass through cell membrane to restore cellular health.

Cellular health is the key to combating inflammation and delaying the disease process. At Sabre, we have developed an advanced molecular hydrogen powder called H2plex. H2plex

has no fillers or additives and is made with only natural ingredients.

Studies have shown that while we can lack proper detox from lack of sleep, hydrogen water has the potential to detox the body with almost the same potency that takes place while we sleep. It can especially help with people who periodically have a hard time sleeping and relaxing due to high coffee consumption.

Our internal studies have also suggested that free radicals (aka lack of detox) can inactivate vitamin B12. Use of the H2plex may serve to increase vitamin B12 utilization, giving you a little

pep to your step.

While we all wouldn’t mind a nice cup of coffee in the morning, H2plex might be a better alternative for your routine, or serve as a replacement for that 2nd or 3rd cup. People of

all ages can utilize H2Plex making it a wonderful choice for personal and social enjoyment.


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