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Self Care Tips for 2024

Does it seem that life and the world around is getting more and more hectic? Sometimes getting through the day-to-day requires a lot of will, focus, and patience. We all face ups and downs that can create stress, depression, and havoc in our lives. That along with inflation, war, COVID, the flu, environmental issues, climate, equality, inequality, the other issues mounting around us, make it especially important to practice self-care in our daily routine. It is our responsibility is to keep our own body, mind, and spirit full, and prioritizing reflection, self-care, and peace, we can do exactly that.

Sabre’s focus is to create balance naturally using our Baseline – Balance – Results approach. However, there are easy things you can add to your daily routine to help you achieve internal balance.

Here are some simple and achievable goals for keeping your mind balanced, and body healthy:

  •  Daily meditation

  •  Daily gratitude

  •  Listing daily goals

  •  Daily sunshine

  •  Purposeful supplementation

  •  Personal connections

  •  Reducing Screen-time & maintaining structured sleep patterns

Daily Meditation

It's no secret that meditation reduces stress and anxiety, enhances mood, boosts cognitive skills, and promotes sleep! If you are new to meditation this can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. Try sitting by yourself for only 5 minutes. Take a deep breath, Breathe in blue, breathe out red. Rid your mind of the stress and chaos. Repeat two times. Continue deep breaths. Focus on your head. Feel the tension, when exhaling relax your temples. Then move on to your neck, shoulders, arms, back, legs,and feet.

Daily Gratitude

It is much easier to be positive at work, with your family and friends, if you start your day with a tiny list of gratitude. This takes no time. You can be grateful for the sunny day, your higher power, your family. The little things in life we tend to take for granted, especially in times of stress. Smelling the roses can start your day in a positive way.

Daily Goals

Making a list of achievable goals helps break up overwhelming tasks and projects that may be causing unnecessary stress. Accomplishing even little goals can help boost self esteem and keep you motivated. Make Your Bed, by William McRaven is a perfect example of this practice, and an easy read too!

Daily Sunshine

The sunshine vitamin - it provides vitamin D that promotes good mental health, boosts moods, promotes healthy bones, reduces blood pressure, improves sleep, and helps balance your circadian rhythm. Just ten minutes daily is suggested to feel a difference. If you work in an office all day, it can be hard to get out in the sun. I sometimes I start my day outside watering my plants, taking a short walk during lunchtime, or even sitting outside my office before my day starts.

Purposeful Supplementation

There is a supplement for everything. Define your purpose and seek out quality ingredients,

sometimes less is best. Sabre offers custom formulas that can combine a variety of ingredients giving better results with fewer products.

Personal Connections

There’s no substitute for family and friends. Feeling overwhelmed, stressed or just out-of-sorts? Reach out for more time with loved ones; chances are you will all benefit.

In today’s society, family dinners are less frequent, family members are busy or grown and moving on. Yet, family time is invaluable, creates traditions, and makes memories. Whether it's your biological family, or friends that became family, reconnecting with those around you benefits everyone and is always a perfect excuse for a family favorite meal. In our home, we celebrate everything, because anything can be a good reason to get together and a great excuse for an amazing family favorite recipe. The door is always open and the fridge is always full!

Reduce Screen-time & Structure Sleep

It’s no secret that our phones and tablets bring convenience, connection, unlimited information, and nonstop stimulation. Your teenager is out – you keep your phone by your pillow. You awake and check the time, the news, or just aimlessly scroll. The blue light stimulates your brain, suppresses melatonin, and can disrupt your circadian rhythm. Having a bedtime routine helps the body get better sleep. It tells your brain to get ready for bed. Set aside 30 min – or more. Some ideas might include: nighttime hygiene routine, reading, meditation, stretching, or listening to music.

Sabre Sciences is here to help you make the best of 2024. Begin with some self-care hopefully it will enrich your life. We’d love to hear from you and some of your best kept secrets for having a balanced and full life.


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