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The Mighty (Might-D) Vitamin D!

Vitamin D is known for supporting Immune Health, bone density and moods.

Should you be taking vitamin D? The short answer is: yes!

It is estimated that an alarming 60% of Americans are deficient in Vitamin D. Dr. Westin A Price (known for promoting vitamins A, D & K) concluded his research by traveling the world to find the healthiest groups of people; what he found is that people who ate a diet high in Vitamin D had healthier teeth and bones, were happier and lived longer.

Keep this in mind: Vitamins A, D & K all work together. We will circle back to this toward the end of the article.

Vitamin D is a very safe fat-soluble vitamin, meaning your body will store it- so you may not always need the same dose. A simple blood test to check Vitamin D levels can be done to monitor your levels and determine if you should adjust the dose you take. Our amazing crew at Sabre Sciences can also assist here, feel free to reach out to us for more information on that topic.

The primary source of vitamin D comes from 7-Dehydrocholesterol (7-DHC) which is stored in our skin and activated by sunlight to be converted into Vitamin D. But the action does not stop there. Recently genetic analysis has become exceedingly popular and is a great way to pinpoint which vitamins and supplements are really worth-while for your unique needs. The main gene involved in vitamin D conversion is VDR; if you have a genetic variation with VDR your ability to convert vitamin D to the active form D3 could be greatly reduced. This means getting out in the sun is not going to cut it for your vitamin D needs and could still leave you with extremely low levels.

There are many scientific peer reviewed studies on vitamin D showing how it is used in our bodies and how supplementing it to maintain appropriate levels can benefit us in many ways.

Vitamin D3 for Immune Health

Vitamin D3 is a cofactor vitamin which helps to regulate over 200 genes. Including genes that help our immune system to ward of illness, specifically respiratory illnesses. A 2010 clinical study showed Vitamin D3 supplementation effective at reducing incident of contracting the flu by nearly 90%. This information is so compelling that former CDC Chief Dr. Tom Frieden recently tweeted "Coronavirus infection risk may be reduced by Vitamin D"

Vitamin D3 for Bones

As a cofactor vitamin helping metabolic reactions to occur efficiently, vitamin D assists in calcium absorption. Studies show that calcium on its own is not very efficient at strengthening bones or at stopping/slowing osteoporosis. However, the combined use of calcium and Vitamin D (D3) has been studied as an effective combination to strengthen bones and slow osteoporosis or osteopenia.

Vitamin D3 for Moods

Many mood disorders can be improved with vitamin D support because of it's co-factor function in the production of the “happy feel good” neurotransmitter Dopamine. Without adequate levels of dopamine, you are more likely to gain weight, have less motivation, feel fatigued and have mood issues. Vitamin D assists your body in converting the precursor amino acids L-tyrosine and L-DOPA into Dopamine.

But, Vitamin D3 needs K2

Now, since we are talking about vitamin D, we must get into vitamin K. Like vitamin D, vitamin K is also a cofactor vitamin assisting with many reactions in the body. Clinical studies show that vitamin K2/MK7 activates a necessary protein which drives calcium into the bones. There are concerns about taking too much calcium and the harm that can do if your body is not utilizing it correctly, specifically to the heart. Vitamin K2 to the rescue! K2 aids in binding up excess calcium to support arterial flow and flexibility.

To really get the most out of vitamin D it needs to be combined with vitamin K- specifically K2/MK7. A huge problem is that many vitamin D products on the market do not contain vitamin K2. Meaning you are missing a vital ingredient - it's like trying to drive a car with no tires.

Sabre Sciences NanoSol D3 Spray

Like all our products, Sabre has thoroughly researched effective dosing and offers a D3 that is combined with vitamin K2/MK7.

Nanosol D3 is an easy to use spray and is also a liposomal product, meaning the active ingredients bypass the digestive tract and penetrate through the tissue, increasing absorption by an estimated 80%. If you really want to get the most out of your product, be sure to look for liposomal formulas and always make sure that there is K2 in your vitamin D!

Stay healthy, happy and strong!



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