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Stress Healing 101: Support Gut Health

Have you ever felt sick to your stomach when something negative happened or you were under stress? Most people would answer that question with yes, and there's a scientific reason why. Somatic bioenergetics helps identify where in the body our stress feelings lodge. The most dominant location for large or stressful feelings to lodge is our stomach. Recent events around the world have caused additional worry and stress to many, the threat to our safety, economic problems, seeing the sufferings of others and acts of violence all create worries within us that can be difficult to manage and leave us… well.. with a tummy ache.

We have a relationship linking our central nervous system to our gut health, this is called the gut-brain axis or GPA. Furthermore, clinical research shows that this is a two-way relationship. So while stress may sometimes make us feel sick to our stomachs, the food we put into our bodies and our ability to digest it may be influencing our stress response system as well. Just like any two-way relationship, care and nurture needs to come from both sides to be successful.

Our stress response systems rely heavily on our food's nutrients, vitamins, minerals, amino acids and fats to create hormones and neurotransmitters. These compounds tell the body when to speed up and calm down, and are needed to function properly, feel healthy, energized and balanced.

When our gut health is compromised by stress our ability to absorb nutrients is reduced, resulting in a decreased ability to create hormones and neurotransmitters that are needed to cope with the stress. Simply put, this two-way relationship can create a cycle where stress leads to poor gut health, then poor gut health leads to stress, which as you know from our previous blog post, can lead to inefficient immune systems, mental health, etc. It's not a cycle anyone wants to get in!

Supporting the gut along-side the nervous system is key to creating a successful daily health plan. Digestive enzymes have long been studied and found to be both anti-inflammatory (stress reducing) and supportive to increasing absorption of those vital dietary nutrients your body uses to make hormones and neurotransmitters.

But not all digestive enzymes are equal. Not all digestion occurs in the stomach. In fact, most digestion occurs in the small intestine and is the site of almost all nutrient absorption. When taking a digestive enzyme supplement, it is key to look for one that contains enzymes needed by both the stomach and the small intestine.

Another tip- most supplements cannot survive the acids of the stomach and survive the trip to the small intestine… unless they are enteric coated. Without this, there is little the product will do to support digestion in the small intestine.

With this in mind, Sabre Sciences developed a master formula that offers the needed enzymes to support digestion in both the stomach and small intestine AND is enteric coated to ensure it can survive the trip into the small intestine where it is needed the most.

Click on DigestAll to read more info on the enzymatic product. Remember good gut health is key to combating stress!


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