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How my Daughter Beat Covid in 24 Hours

Personal Testimony from Jenine Stallard, CNC

With the number of Covid cases on the rise again my household took its turn getting this illness. First, let me start by saying I talk to many different doctors and patients each day, and hear a variety of stories and therapies. I get to first hand see in our lab reports what specific supplements do to the body, and I would never give my children any product unless I knew the research and felt it was safe. With that said, my story really begins with me. I was personally able to beat Covid in 5 days. The body pain was completely gone and my energy was restored to normal levels. When my 9 year old daughter came down with it I gave her the same products I had used at a smaller dose, and her amazing youthful immune system was able to turn things around by the next day! In fact, that evening she was outside jumping on the trampoline and acting like her usual self. I couldn’t believe it! It turns out that if you have the right products and circumstances you might actually be able to get through Covid pretty quickly, and with far less symptoms than expected.

I was so impressed by the effectiveness of the products - especially the G-Shield, since that was a new addition - I felt compelled to share this with all of you. I would like to note that on taking the G-Shield I immediately felt the body aches reduce, it worked better for me than an Advil!

Here's the lineup of products my household used. Please note, this is purely my personal opinion, and I am sharing what worked as effective for my household and what I have seen work with many other households through my experiences and partnerships. This combination was created after speaking with hundreds of different practitioners, however it should not be considered a medical treatment. I feel it's also important to mention, that I am continuing to take these supplements even after symptoms subsided, it has been suggested to me that we stick with this regimen at least a month to allow the full repairing work to take place, some of these I may actually stay on longer for their anti-clotting properties. If you are sick, I hope this is helpful for you. G-Shield (Enteric Glutathione Capsules) Adult Dose: 2 capsules 3 x daily throughout the day on an empty stomach Child Dose: 1 capsule 3 x daily Trans GSH Creme Adult Dose: 1/4tsp rubbed into the area of skin directly over the liver (right side of abdomen)

2 x daily Child Dose: 1/4tsp 1 x daily Coenzyme B Complex (Will help your energy level) Adult Dose: 1 dropper full in AM Child Dose: 10 drops in AM Vitamin C (I like the Liposomal C capsules from Dr Mercola) Adult Dose: 6,000nmg daily. (I took 2 capsules 3 x daily) Child Dose: 3,00mg daily (1 capsule 3 x daily) NAC (N-Acetylcysteine) (You can use any brand, I prefer Detox Regulators by Doctors Best) Adult Dose: 1200mg daily Child Dose: 600mg daily Quercetin 500mg capsules (I used the purple MRM brand form my local store) Adult Dose: 1000mg Child Dose: 500mg Nattokinase (I use Neprinol from Arthur Andrews) Adult Dose: 3 capsules per day Child Dose: 1 capsule per day HLC Intensive Probiotic Adult & Child Dose: 1 capsule after food


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