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New Year Detox with UltraD

Now that 2023 has come to an end, and we've celebrated all our treasured memories and accomplishment with close friends, and welcomed the new year, it's time to check in on those New Year's resolutions. The holidays with our loved ones is always a time to go big and close out the year with a bang. However, this can sometimes make jumping into new healthy habits and resolutions a little more challenging than we would like. A great way to get back into the groove of healthy habits and cleanse your system from all the drinks and fun from the holiday season is one simple thing - detoxing.

That’s why Sabre Sciences has created a comprehensive, and highly effective detox capsule - called UltraD.

UltraD is a broad-spectrum detoxifier, isolating foreign compounds, heavy metals, and other toxins, and moving them to the GI tract, where they can be properly removed from your body.

Let’s see how UltraD is more than your average detoxifier.

Liver Cleanse – UltraD is effective in supporting your body’s natural and most powerful detox organ – your liver. With compounds like Silymarin, Activated Brocco Raphanin, and Activated Charcoal, its designed to benefit detoxifying your liver, protect against oxidative stress, and neutralize any toxic substances. 

Herbal Complex – UltraD has a spectrum of herbal powders including, Ginger, Senna leaf, Peppermint Leaf, Asparagus, Artichoke Leaf, Parsley Leaf, Fennel, and aloe vera extract. These are for general laxative effects as well as anti-inflammatory, anti-parasitic, and anti-bacterial properties. These expelling agents are designed to cleans and detoxify the GI tract.

Detox Superstars – UltraD’s other ingredients are immune boosting powerhouses. the combination of turmeric and Beta-Glucans provides well-rounded immune system support. The formula also has n-acetylcysteine to boost your body’s antioxidant defense naturally, and detoxify harmful substances from adipose tissue - where toxins can be extremely difficult to remove.

The recommended dose for UltraD is 2 capsules but for an additional boost, the best way to enjoy UltraD is by opening the capsules and emptying them into a glass of water. In doing so, you'll find that the contents make the water taste like an earthy herbal tea. You can even add it to your water bottle and sip on it throughout the day. This is a great way to keep up with you detox needs while on the go.

Our team at Sabre Sciences also recommends pairing UltraD with Detoxinol, one of our most effective and powerful creams used for detox. The combination of both products promotes a more powerful detox that goes deeper into the organ systems and tissue. These two products have been carefully formulated to work synergistically and complementary with each other to handle all of your detoxing needs.

With UltraD you can get those New Year's resolutions started, confidently recover from all of the holiday celebrations with your friends and loved ones, and know you're starting off the year as your best self.

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